At Enclave, we understand that half of the movie experience is heard and not seen. With the popular soundbar audio solution, true surround sound is dismissed for convenience and wiring issues. The Enclave Audio 5.1 home theater system offers uncompromising true surround sound with the ability to easily place your speakers as surround was designed. Surrounding you.

How we're different

We do not require the use of your home internet network to function.
No messing with router configurations, network settings, firewalls, etc. Just unbox, place your speakers, add your sources to the Enclave Smart Center, power up, and your done.

Uncompressed 24bit/96kHZ audio quality
This means the Enclave system offers incredible audio quality. Enclave wirelessly surrounds you with every nuance of every sound, bringing your home theater experience to life as you’ve never heard it before. Audio as it was intended to be heard, pure and not degraded through long runs of speaker wire or lossy audio compression.

Affordably Priced
With every other WiSA certified solution on the market starting in the multiple thousands of dollars, we bring audiophile quality audio to the masses at an everday accessible price, wirelessly.

Keep Set-up Simple

Setting up your home theater system can be a pain. Wires everywhere: with long runs across, under, and around the room, millions of plugs on the back of the receiver, home networking requirements, and the list goes on and on.

With Enclave, it's just this simple:

  • Remove your speakers from the box.
  • Place them around you in a 5.1 configuration (documentation and images included in box)
  • Plug in your source(s) to the back of the smart center with the supplied color coded HDMI cables
  • Plug in the power to the speakers to any available wall outlet or power strip
  • Grab the popcorn and immerse yourself in the experience of the Enclave wireless home theater.

New Technologies

It started with the Bluetooth wireless single speaker craze. Speakers of all shapes and sizes quickly becoming overly common and under inspired

Soon thereafter, WiFi audio was  breaking through in a big way, boosting the consumer experience with wireless audio by offering same content multi-speaker configuration througout the home and higher quality sound. One segment was being left out.  What about the home theater loving crowd? Those folks who have the biggest need for wire-free audio? Enter Enclave Audio. At the forefront of new technologies empowering home theater lovers worldwide.

Less than 5ms of audio latency resulting in zero lip sync issues, dedicated wireless network far and away from home wi-fi router signals, cost affordable pricing, room filling sound, and a product roadmap that will expand modularly from a single room solution to an entire ecosystem of both in and outdoor wire free audio solutions.Single room, multi-room, multi-source, full property, and multi-location HD wire-free audio. 

Innovation, affordability, quality. Enclave Audio. Please listen responsively.