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Do wireless speakers need power?

  • 2 min read

Yes, most wireless speakers use AC adaptors and plug into an ordinary power outlet or power strip. Some systems use rechargeable batteries to become ‘fully wireless’ but this feature requires charging and repositioning as regular chores in order to use this kind of surround sound system.

How are wired surround sound speakers powered?

Wired surround sound systems use the same wire to provide both power and the connection to the audio hub (speaker wire). Some people argue wireless systems still contain the same number of wires because they need power cords to each individual speaker. The difference is in the length of wires needed. Wired systems trail long lengths of speaker wire from hub to each speaker (like a spider web). Wireless systems plug in each piece separately (like a small appliance).

How are wireless surround sound speakers powered?

In a wireless surround sound system there are no wires trailing across the floor or hidden in the walls leading from rear speakers and left/right speakers to the central hub. Instead each speaker is individually plugged in and tucked away to a corner of the room. As an example Enclave Audio's wireless surround sound systems use a standard power supply: AC-100-240 Volt, 50-60Hz. (Pictured below)

Do wireless speakers need batteries?

Yes some wireless speakers use batteries or rechargeable batteries. Other systems use AC power cords to plug into outlets. Rechargeable and battery operated speakers are more mobile but cannot always match the high quality amplification (volume without distortion) and longevity of AC powered speakers.

How do wireless speakers charge?

Photo by Enclave[a]

Wireless speakers are powered with a standard power supply: AC-100-240 Volt, 50-60Hz.


How long do wireless speakers need to charge?

The charging time depends on the brand of speaker and capacity of the battery. 6 hours is an average. Some brands specify as little as 3 hours, but some can take 10 hours or longer if using a USB AC adaptor.

How do wired and wireless surround sound speakers compare?

Wired Surround Sound

Wireless Surround Sound

Speaker wires leading from 4-6 speakers to central hub

AC power cables for each individual speaker

Less Expensive Initial Price Point

More Expensive Price Point

Needs Dedicated Location (Holes in Walls)

Easier to Reposition or Move Rooms (No Holes in Walls)

True Surround Sound for Home Theaters

True Surround Sound for Home Theaters


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