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CineHome PRO | THX Certified Surround Sound in 10 Minutes

CineHome PRO

“Best Surround-Sound System”

THX Certified for PRO performance and luxurious sound, the CineHome PRO setups in minutes and delivery impactful cinematic sound no sound bar can touch. The PRO’s 10” subwoofer fills any room with powerful bass (upgradable to 4 subwoofers) and with the WiSA high definition 24bit/96khz technology, no detail is left behind for all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, games and more.

Features and Specs

  • - Plug & play wireless setup
  • - 4 Full-range drivers and tweeters in
    front to give crisp clear dialog
  • - 8” Subwoofer
  • - Bi-pole Rear speakers for wide
    enveloping sound