CineHome PRO

“Best Surround-Sound System”

THX Certified for PRO performance and luxurious sound, the CineHome PRO setups in minutes and delivery impactful cinematic sound no sound bar can touch. The PRO’s 10” subwoofer fills any room with powerful bass (upgradable to 4 subwoofers) and with the WiSA high definition 24bit/96khz technology, no detail is left behind for all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, games and more.

Features and Specs

Power up.

Whether you’re comfortable with home theater or not, you can set up your CineHome in under 10 minutes. Start by placing your speakers in the assigned location and connect the power cables.

One cable.

A single HDMI cable to your TV’s HDMI ARC port is all it takes to connect your TV with our CineHub Transmitter.

Powered by WiSA’s latest audio technology, the CineHome plays without compression or delays so you can hear every detail.

Your remote.

No more confusing remotes with buttons you never use. The Enclave is designed to work with your TV remote or a universal remote.

For advanced settings and system updates, connect your smartphone to your CineHub with Bluetooth and use the Enclave App.

Don’t take our word for it

“Enclave’s THX-certified wireless system delivers highly dynamic and enjoyable surround sound in an easy-to-install and use package.”

“If you want more of a home theater experience than the typical soundbar can provide, but you don’t want to deal with pulling wires through your walls, this 5.1 system will deliver it.”

“It’s frankly quite amazing the level of performance this system delivers, especially for the money. You could easily drop $1,000 on an AV receiver and another $1,000 on a 5.1 speaker system and still not have the same overall level of sonic performance this wireless system delivers.”