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General Support / FAQ

Simple. There's two easy ways to get help. 

The fastest way to get support 24/7 is to just send an email to support@enclaveaudio.com and our trained Enclave web team will get you up and running! In the rare event your issue needs to be escalated, our web team will arrange a callback at a convenient time for you with our escalations technicians to make sure you're in the center of the action in no time.

You can also call 844-436-2528 and request a support technician assist you. Any available tech will be happy to help. If the tech team are busy with other customers at the time of your call, the ticket is passed on to the web team, who will quickly respond to you and try to resolve your issue. Of course if needed, the web team will be happy to schedule a call back from a tech at a convenient time for you.

Either path you choose, our mission is to offer responsive, timely, and convenient support to any Enclave customer.

Do I need to install the Enclave App to operate an Enclave system?

Installing the Enclave app for the CineHub based products, at least during the setup process, is highly recommended. It allows you to quickly and seamlessly setup and calibrate your Enclave home theater, run speaker tests, set individual speaker volumes, select inputs, and offers real time system usage information.

However, once setup is complete, using the app to control your Enclave CineHub becomes optional for those customers using eARC/ARC. After your system has been initially set up, your TV remote will control all of your most commonly used commands such as power on/off, volume up/down, and mute and you can simply go back to the app to tweak settings, adjust individual speaker volumes, etc. as needed.

The CineHub does offer IR compatibility with Harmony remotes as well as legacy Enclave remotes which can be purchased in our store.

For CineHome HD customers, the Android app allows you to completely control your Enclave without the need of the On Screen Display, update firmware, and stream music from a few select services. Unfortunately, due to protocol restrictions, iOS devices do not support remote control functions for the CineHome HD.

Can I use the Enclave products with my TV?

Enclave products are completely brand agnostic and can be used with any modern television that supports HDMI, eARC, ARC, or Optical audio.

Can I mount the Enclave speakers on my wall or onto speaker stands? Do you have recommended speaker stands?

Enclave speakers have both keyhole and 1/4"-20 threaded mount options on the rear of the speakers (subwoofer excluded). The mount types are completely brand agnostic and can be used with any universal stand that will support a minimum of 10 pounds and over for the CineHome PRO and a minimum 6 pounds and over for the CineHome II system . Be sure to double check the weight capacity of the stand to avoid issues. Everyone's needs are different and we do not have a recommended solution for stands.

How do I know if my TV supports ARC?

Simple. Most TV's in the last 7-10 years support ARC. To find out, just check your TV's HDMI inputs for one that has (ARC) just under the port, and you're good to go!

What if my TV doesn't support ARC?

No problem. Just use the Optical connector (optical cable required) on the Enclave CineHub or Smart Center and the Optical connector on your TV, switch your audio to Optical/Digital out in your TV's sound settings, switch the CineHub or Smart Center to it's optical input, and you're in the middle of the action!

Where can I buy Enclave Audio Home Theater Products?

Enclave products can be found at authorized dealers across the US or online.  You can shop on our site, amazon.com or send us a note to find a dealer in your area.

Be careful when purchasing online as there are many unscrupulous online sellers on Amazon, Ebay and other sites who are not authorized sellers/dealers of Enclave products. Those products are void of warranty and may be used, damaged, defective, not for use in a particular country or otherwise unsafe. Enclave takes safety, quality, and customer experience seriously, and actively monitors for and pursues unauthorized sellers of Enclave products. If you have any questions before purchasing, we recommend you just give us a call or send us a note prior to purchasing at customerservice@enclaveaudio.com and we'll be happy to assist.

Can I use my existing speakers or receiver with the CineHome products?

An AVR (receiver) is not necessary, nor recommended. The system is a complete 5.1 system using either the CineHub, or Smart Center acting as the AVR .

How much do Enclave CineHome systems cost?

Complete home theater solutions start at just $799.00

Is this a Bluetooth or WiFi speaker system?

No. Enclave Audio's Wireless Home Theater System is supported by its own proprietary WiSA wireless technology, not in the same spectrum as Bluetooth, WiFi, Cordless phones and other everyday household RF devices. This ensures an interference free experience. However, the Enclave system does accept Bluetooth as an audio source device allowing your mobile phone or tablet to act as a source for streaming music.

What Audio formats are supported?

At this time, supported Audio formats are LPCM, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS Digital Surround, Analog and Bluetooth.

What is your return policy?

Returns allowed within 14 Days from date of confirmed delivery. Must be in original packaging and fully functional in the same physical condition as shipped. Unless unit is defective, return shipping costs to be covered by purchaser. If you purchased from a retailer, you MUST return your system through that retailer and their respective return policies may differ from those systems purchased directly through this website. For more info -Click Here

What is the warranty on the Enclave Audio CineHome products?

When purchased from an authorized Enclave dealer, Enclave Audio provides a transferable (2) year limited warranty on our speaker cabinetsand drivers; a transferable one (1) year limited warranty on our electronics in the subwoofer andpowered speakers; and a non-transferable lifetime limited warranty on our cables.
No other warranty, implied or otherwise, is created or honored by Enclave Audio. For more details click here -  Warranty Information