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Poised to Turn Up the Volume on Affordable Wire Free Surround Sound, Enclave Audio expands the product line for its Groundbreaking System at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show and takes home the coveted Dealerscope IMPACT award(CES)

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 6, 2019 – Enclave Audio has announced the arrival of two additions to the Enclave Audio CineHome home theater speaker system designed for the mass-market consumer for Q3' 2019.The Enclave Audio CineHome II, the next generation Home Theater in a Box is focused, designed, and tuned to specifically enhance the multi-channel audio experience with support for both Dolby and DTS decoding, uncompressed 24-bit audio, and its own proprietary wireless audio network. The CineHome Pro, with a larger footprint, enhanced industrial design and top line piano paint finish with aluminum accents rouds out the CineHome line. The Enclave CineHome product line was specifically created for one purpose, the flawless delivery of crystal clear, wire free uncompressed audio, to every speaker in the system in an incredible 5 milliseconds. With HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, and eARC support, the next gen Enclave Audio products bring the latest AV technology.

For it’s hardware, Enclave has engineered a custom designed, dedicated, and tuned speaker driver and configuration to represent each channel of audio in the system for an unparalleled wire free 5.1 audio experience. The six independent speaker enclosures create a 360-degree field of incredible sound, delivering a world-class home theater surround experience at incredibly affordable suggested pricing starting at $799 (not pictured), and moving up to $999.and $1499.00 respectively.

New to the Enclave product line is the Enclave CineHub. Separating itself from the prior Enclave "Smart Center" design, the CineHub acts as the systems heart. With this new configuration, these designs allow the speakers to enjoy instant compatibility with 2019 LG OLED and NanoCell tv's as well as any other WiSA Ready tv panels and devices.  Plug in any WiSA certified USB transmitter into the LG or other panels or devices and it's plug and play 5.1, with the system controls embedded directly into the TV or device menu systems.

“The Enclave Audio 5.1 home theater systems offers uncompromising true surround sound with the ability to easily place your speakers as 5.1 surround was designed and intended. Surrounding you.” said Rob Jones, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Enclave Audio. “Whether it’s movies, music, sports or video gaming, Enclave surrounds you with every nuance of every sound, bringing your home theater experience to life as you’ve never heard it before, wirelessly. We solve the soundbar problem.”

For setup, simply place the Enclave speakers around the room, plug the speakers into a power source and connect to the desired audio source. The Enclave Smart Center or any WiSA transmitter connects to your TV with a single HDMI cable and will host HDMI, SPDIF (Optical), Bluetooth and 3.5mm Analog sources, bringing native support for most any satellite and cable TV box, streaming appliance, gaming console, phone, tablet or media player.

Enclave owners can also use the free Enclave Audio app for system updates, remote control functions (Android only),.wireless audio streaming from nearly any phone, tablet or laptop and offers a myriad of audio services such as TuneIn, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal and others.

Also at CES 2019, in recognition of the success of the 1st generation Enclave Audio CineHome product, Enclave Audio was the recipient of Dealerscope’s IMPACT Award. The IMPACT program is designed to recognize products in the consumer electronics industry that are innovative, help drive sales on the show floor, and bring foot traffic into retailers’ stores.


Enclave Audio is made up of audio enthusiasts. At Enclave, we understand that half of the movie; TV and video game experience is heard and not seen. Enclave Audio elevates the user experience through sound and technology by creating a powerful and immersive wireless audio environment that dramatically intensifies the audio/video experience. For more information on Enclave Audio and its revolutionary 5.1 home theater system, visit



Enclave Audio Press Releases from CES '19

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