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Superior Sound Stage

The Enclave Experience

Sound bars can only give you half the audio experience. Don’t settle for sound coming at you and experience 5.1 true surround sound with just a few power outlets. Enclave is wireless surround sound with no compromises. Our CineHome systems deliver an immersive cinematic sound with a single cable setup compatible with any TV.

Simplify Home Theater

How It Works

✔ Power and place our speakers are you living room.

✔ Connect our CineHub to your TV with a single cable.

✔ Enjoy immersive surround sound.


Hi-definition True Wireless
Surround Sound

WiSA is the industry leading solution for uncompressed audio with 1/10 the latency of bluetooth.

THX Certified through dozens of rigorous tests to ensure we produce cinema level sound in living rooms.

Which system is right for me?

Upgrade From Soundbar

"I think the Enclave system is sensational. I replaced a Polk soundbar with it and it is an enormous improvement. The sound is crystal clear. The system is easy to set up. I am really thrilled with it and think for those looking for an elegant, affordable solution, it is unbeatable. Enclave knows what they are doing and those moving from large, overblown receiver based wired systems or from ineffective soundbars will become believers immediately."


  • Apartment

  • CineHome II

  • Less than 8 feet

  • Less than 55 inches

Upgrade From Wired System

“Previously had a Bose 5.1 Speaker system with a Pioneer Elite receiver. Moved from Ca to Ga. Didn’t want to pay another fortune to install all that equipment. Found this Enclave system and snapped it up at an extremely good price on Amazon. Set it up in about 15 minutes. No receiver, no wires. Sounds at least as good as the Bose. Probably better.”

- Meyer on Amazon

  • Single Family Home

  • CineHome PRO

  • More than 8 feet

  • +55 inches

Watch in full Immersive Surround Sound

With the CineHome, take advantage of the best of both worlds. Enclave’s system utilizes the simple connection of a common sound bar, then implements the room-filling, 360-degree sound that was previously only found in traditional home theater systems. Movies, music, sports, and gaming will come alive thanks to the CineHome’s three-dimensional sound stage.

From Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus to DTS: Digital Surround and Dolby Pro Logic II, the CineHome is compatible with endless types of media sources and formats. It could be a Blu-ray disc or a show streaming on Netflix - Enclave supports the audio, and has the tools to produce it.

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