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CineSync Technical Support


CineSync program compatible TV's and streaming appliances allows for a full suite of controls and settings for your Enclave CineHome PRO or CineHome II home theater system to be accessible right from your TV screen.

Using a CineSync program compatible Android TV, Apple, or Roku TV, or streaming appliance is easy.

For Roku TV's, simply go to the Roku TV Ready support page found here:

For non-Roku TV's, simply go to your TV or streaming appliance native app store (i.e. Google Play or Apple App store) from your TV or streaming appliance.

Search for "Enclave CineHub". Once found simply install the app to the TV or streaming appliance.

Once installed, simply open the CineHub app on the tv or streaming appliance, follow the install instructions for your CineHome home theater system, and connect to your CineHub when prompted. Be sure bluetooth and location is enabled.


If using Android TV feel free to connect a usb cable from the TV's USB port to the CineHub's Micro-USB service port located on the rear of the CineHub (Firmware update for USB functionality may be required). This allows a direct and constant connection from your TV or compatible streaming appliance to the CineHub without needing bluetooth.

If you wish to use USB to connect the hub to your compatible TV or streaming device for system controls,  be sure your CineHub is running firmware version 1.31 or higher. You can verify this on the SETTINGS page of the Enclave CineHub app. While bluetooth firmware updates are supported via any firmware version, the CineHub requires firmware version 1.31 or higher in order to communicate via USB.

In the device list upon opening the CineHub app directly on your TV, simply look for "Enclave Hub" at the bottom of the device list. The top listing for the hub will be the bluetooth connection.

NOTE: The hub can only be firmware updated via Bluetooth. Firmware updates via USB are not allowed. If your CineHub firmware is below version 1.31, you will be required to update the CineHub firmware via a bluetooth connection in order for USB connectivity to function.

When using USB, also be sure the power is connected to the CineHub before connecting the USB cable to the CineHub. Having the USB connected before connecting power on the CineHub will result in the hub going into service mode.

If this occurs and the hub appears to be non-functional due to being in service mode, simply unplug the usb cable, unplug the power, and restore the power connection to the hub. Once power is restored, re-insert the USB cable.

That's it! You've now cut the cord from your mobile device or tablet when looking to access settings on your Enclave. Direct full screen control of your Enclave is now accessible straight from your TV screen.

Of course our support team is standing by to assist should you run into any issues.