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The 10 Best Movies Of 2023

  • 9 min read

Cinema has always been a magical mirror reflecting the stories and spirits of our time, and 2023 has been no exception. As the year draws to a close, it's time to dim the lights and raise the curtain on the films that have captivated audiences and critics alike. 

So it’s time to take a look at the best movies of 2023, and those that have already created a stir at box offices.

There have been a variety of genres this year, showcasing exceptional storytelling, remarkable performances, and breathtaking visuals that have defined this year's cinematic landscape. From thought-provoking dramas that tug at your heartstrings to adrenaline-fueled blockbusters with incredible sound design that leave you on the edge of your seat.

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These 10 best movies of 2023 have captivated audiences and critics alike, making their mark as the must-see films that have set the standard for excellence in this first official year of going back to theaters.


The Best Movies Of 2023

Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse

Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse takes audiences on a thrilling multiverse adventure as Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) encounters different versions of Spider-Man, and faces a new threat. Continuing the thematic story from its predecessor, Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, the sequel takes things to new heights, furthering the emotional drive of the film. What makes Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse truly special is how it pays homage to the comic book source material while offering a fresh and exhilarating take on the superhero genre, through its visuals and storytelling.

Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse also continues the groundbreaking animation techniques introduced in the first film. It’s one of the few movies of 2023 that I can’t wait to release on home video. Not only because of how much I want to pause and take in every frame all over again. But having an amazing home entertainment system will allow viewers to fully appreciate the stunning animation, intricate visual effects, and incredible sound design that amplifies the excitement of swinging through New York City alongside Miles Morales.

John Wick: Chapter 4

It’s the year of great action, as John Wick: Chapter 4 sees the relentless assassin of John Wick (Keanu Reeves), embarking on a high-stakes mission that forces him to confront old allies and new enemies. The film solidified the franchise as one of the most successful action series in recent years. The film's ability to maintain its unique style while expanding upon the intricate lore of the John Wick universe sets it apart and makes it a special addition to the franchise.

From a technical standpoint, John Wick: Chapter 4 impresses with its expertly choreographed action sequences, and visually stunning aesthetics. The sound design enhances the brutality of the action while creating a stylized and polished movie that’s very immersive. When the movie finally releases on demand, audiences will love the intricacies of the film's stylish cinematography and appreciate the intense action with heightened audio precision. The meticulously designed soundscapes, amplify every punch, gunshot, and explosion, providing a thrilling and cinematic experience that will absolutely draw viewers into the heart-pounding world of John Wick from the comfort of their homes.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

One of the most surprising movies of 2023 was The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The video-game adaptation brings the beloved game characters to life in a fun-filled adventure as Mario (Chris Pratt) and Luigi (Charlie Day) embark on a quest to save Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) from the clutches of Bowser (Jack Black). The film unexpectedly became one of the highest- grossing movies of 2023, so far. While critics had mixed opinions, many acknowledged the movie's commitment to capturing the essence of the characters and the whimsical world they inhabit.

Coming from Illumination, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has amazing animation that blends storytelling with many easter eggs from the game. The visually intricate animation style brings the vibrant and imaginative Mushroom Kingdom to life. Similar to Frozen and other animated films, once on home video, it feels like a foregone conclusion that the movie will become a repeated watch for younger audiences and families. The visuals, especially when experienced through a home theater system, elevate the impact of the nostalgic sounds and effects, creating an immersive and delightful experience for fans of all ages.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 reunites the intergalactic misfit team as they face new cosmic challenges and delve deeper into their personal journeys. This third, and potentially final instalment, stands out for its ability to balance spectacle with emotional depth, cementing its place as a standout entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially in a year when the MCU has had some struggles.

Like the other 2 Guardians of the Galaxy films, Vol. 3 continues the impressive visual effects of the franchise, transporting viewers to vibrant and diverse alien worlds. The film's seamless integration of live-action and CGI creates a visually stunning experience. The carefully crafted soundtrack, which includes almost all needle drops, further enhances the story's depth and character development.

Extraction 2

With Extraction 2, Netflix could finally have a hit-action franchise on their hands. The sequel continues the pulse-pounding story of mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) as he faces new challenges in the dangerous world of international espionage. Extraction 2 stands out for its ability to deliver a visceral and emotionally charged cinematic experience, solidifying its status as a standout entry in the action genre.

While the story is lacking in depth, the movie more than makes up for it with its incredible cinematography and director Sam Hargrave’s innovative directing style. The expertly choreographed action sequences are pulse-pounding and an adrenaline-fuelled treat. 

The visuals are gritty and take audiences into the heart of the dangerous world the characters inhabit. The action sequences are further enhanced with brilliant sound effects and innovative camera work that puts audiences in the heart of the action. It’s the closest thing audiences can get to the action, without actually being on-set.

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part 1

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part 1 propels super spy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team into a high-stakes mission to prevent global catastrophe, as they navigate a web of deception and danger. Again. Kidding aside, the movie has been long awaited, due to its delays during the COVID-19 pandemic. The seventh film in the franchise, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part 1 stands out again as it continues to push the boundaries of action filmmaking while maintaining a captivating narrative, in no small part to its lead star’s relentless dedication to the franchise.

While the stunts of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part 1 have dominated all the headlines, the movie itself is quite exceptionally executed. It’s got some amazing cinematography and high-octane visuals that take audiences to globe-trotting locations, all driven by plot. Everything from the death-defying stunts to the heart-pounding chase sequences all add to up an incredible movie from an already awesome franchise. While the theatrical experience is unparalleled when it comes to a movie like this, the right home entertainment system can replicate the experience at home as well. And it's definitely a movie audiences will want to see over and over, especially since it’s the first part of a two-parter.


Oppenheimer delves into the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the brilliant physicist who led the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb during World War II. One of the most highly anticipated movies of summer 2023, it has generated immense buzz due to its intriguing subject matter and the involvement of acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. Critics are eagerly awaiting the release, seeing how Nolan's films are always thought-provoking narratives and technical prowess. Anticipation is high to see how Nolan will tackle the complex moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding Oppenheimer's role in the creation of the atomic bomb and the consequences of his actions.

Nolan’s movies are always technical masterpieces, regardless of the critical response to their story. Oppenheimer promises to be a visually and sonically captivating experience. Nolan's mastery of cinematography and storytelling should be on full display, immersing viewers in the intricate narrative and ethical quandaries. The movie is already set to dominate the summer through IMAX screenings all over, given it was shot in 70mm IMAX, using mostly practical effects. Which means amazing visuals and an even better audio experience. And seeing the movie is about creating the atomic bomb, the audio and sound design should play a crucial role in the movie’s overall experience.


The upcoming movie Barbie follows the iconic doll as she embarks on a whimsical adventure, breaking free from societal expectations and embracing her true self. It is one of the most anticipated movies of summer 2023 due to its cultural significance and potential for empowering storytelling. 

The movie aims to resonate with audiences of all ages, inspiring them to embrace their uniqueness and challenge societal norms. Not to mention Ryan Gosling stealing the show during the press tour. While Barbie might not seem like a movie that focuses on the technical, it’s set up to be a visually enchanting experience. 

The film's cinematography and visuals seemingly capture the magic and wonder of Barbie’s (Margot Robbie) world, immersing viewers in a vibrant and fantastical universe. The story's emphasis on self-discovery and empowerment will complement the film's meticulous sound design, creating a captivating audio experience that enhances the emotional journey. The movie should become a fast favourite once it releases on home video, see how the music, dialogue and sound effects will enrich the overall viewing experience and allow audiences to fully immerse themselves in Barbie's inspiring story.

Dune: Part 2

The highly anticipated Dune: Part 2 continues the epic saga based on Frank Herbert's iconic science fiction novel, delving deeper into the intergalactic conflicts and the destiny of young hero Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet). It is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer due to the overwhelming success and critical acclaim of the first installment, creating immense anticipation for the continuation of the story. Fans cannot wait to see how director Denis Villeneuve further expands the rich and immersive world of "Dune," maintaining the stunning visual spectacle and thought-provoking narrative that made the first film a standout.

Building upon the breathtaking cinematography and meticulous production design of the first film, the sequel promises to transport viewers to awe-inspiring alien landscapes and immerse them in the intricacies of the story's universe. The film's striking visuals and detailed art direction will further enhance the expertly crafted sound design, enveloping audiences in a sonic landscape that amplifies the tension and grandeur of the film.

Rebel Moon

For everything that his detractors and critics say about Zack Snyder, his movies still have a loyal following. A fanbase that should undoubtedly follow him to Netflix for Rebel Moon. The movie tells the story of a peaceful colony that rises up against a tyrannical ruler, leading to an epic battle for freedom in space. It is one of the most anticipated movies of summer 2023 due to the buzz surrounding its visionary director, Zack Snyder, and his knack for creating visually stunning and action-packed spectacles. Anticipation is high for Snyder's unique take on the sci-fi genre, expecting Rebel Moon to deliver an exhilarating and immersive cinematic experience.

Rebel Moon promises to showcase breathtaking cinematography and striking visuals. As a filmmaker known for his meticulous attention to detail, Snyder is expected to create a visually captivating world that transports viewers to the far reaches of space. The carefully crafted sound design should enhance the film's ambitious story, complemented by its intricate production design and visual effects. 

Given that the movie is a Netflix original, it will be the ideal film to enjoy on a state-of-the-art home entertainment system. The immersive audio experience will draw viewers into the intense battles and emotional beats of the narrative, making Rebel Moon an ideal movie to enjoy at home. The combination of stunning visuals and immersive audio will offer a thrilling and cinematic experience within the comfort of one's own home.

The Best Movies Of 2023

As we come to the end of this exhilarating journey through the best movies of 2023, one thing is clear: the year has been a remarkable showcase of cinematic brilliance. From massive blockbusters to genre films that promise to be iconic, the best movies of 2023 are a varied array of amazing films from prolific filmmakers promising the year to be a very memorable one. Whether in theaters or at home, these films are captivating and immersive enough to provide a unique experience that will resonate with all audiences.