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Easiest Way to get True 5.1 Surround Sound

Simplicity one of our core beliefs here at Enclave. From unboxing the first speaker to diving straight into your favorite content with any remote, everything should just work.

Power Up

The CineHome is the true definition of plug-and-play. There aren’t massive spools of speaker wire to run, or complicated A/V receivers to configure. Just position your speakers, plug each component into a power outlet and prepare to enjoy a captivating home theater experience.


An HDMI cable is all you need to establish a seamless connection between your TV and your CineHome system, and we put one right in the box for you. Just find the HDMI input labeled with ARC/eARC on your display, plug the other end into the CineHub Transmitter, and you’re instantly ready to immerse yourself in surround sound bliss.

For TV’s without ARC, you can use an optical or TOSLINK cable (not included) to connect to the CineHub

Your Remote Is Our Remote

With the CineHub, one remote is all you need. Thanks to HDMI CEC, you can control your display and your sound system with virtually any remote from any streaming device or console that’s connected to your TV via HDMI. You won’t have to worry about sifting through an assortment of remotes just to pause Netflix or turn up the volume. A single remote is all that’s required to effortlessly control both your content and your sound.

Plus, the available Enclave App gives you the power to adjust advanced settings and implement system updates, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Listen Your Way

CineHub Remote App

Dolby Pro Logic Mode

Thanks to Dolby Pro Logic technology, you can transform even the most standard stereo content into powerful 5.1 surround sound audio.

Wholeroom Stereo

Music comes alive with the CineHome’s Wholeroom Stereo mode, which utilizes every speaker in the system to create room-filling sound. While being an incredible way to get lost in your favorite tunes, Wholeroom Stereo mode can also provide the boost that hearing-impaired listeners need, since it sends dialogue from movies and TV shows to the system’s rear speakers.

Dolby Dynamic Range Mode

Turn up to hear every detail from your favorite scenes or maybe quiet down to let the kids sleep Dolby Dynamic Range lets you control that loudest and softest volume so you have an enjoyable experience.

Upgrade To A Better Sound

Simple Setup

True high-definition wireless 5.1 surround sound that sets up with the simplicity of a soundbar. Simply plug in your speakers, connect your CineHub to any TV via a single cable, and we’ll handle the rest

Next Gen

Leveraging WiSA technology, Enclave’s pure, 24 bit multi-channel wireless surround sound redefines wireless home theater. No need for a WiFi router or reduced bandwidth with your HD streaming movie experience.

True 5.1 Surround Sound

Experience crisp and clear 360 degree wireless sound in your living room that no soundbar can match. With Enclave, experience your movies, music, sports, and gaming without the quality loss suffered through the one dimensional surround sound experience from a soundbar.

“The wireless works flawlessly and the sound is immersive.
The speakers just disappear. ”