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Home theater was hard, we made it easy.

Speakers should engulf your space with impeccable sound, not pesky wires. That's why Enclave substitutes convoluted A/V receivers and gruesome speaker wires for state-of-the-art wireless technology that emphasizes sound quality and ease of setup.

Enclave is wireless surround sound with no compromises.

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THX Certified:

The CineHome is THX certified, a distinction that places the system among a group of products that represents uncompromising quality, unrivaled performance, and unshakeable consistency. To earn the certification, the CineHome endured hundreds of tests to solidify its status as a system that sets the standard for great sound.

Just one cable:

One cable is the name of the game. Plug each speaker into power with the cable provided, and connect your CineHome to your TV via the display’s HDMI ARC/eARC input to start enjoying incredible surround sound. This style of connection transfers audio from your TV to your CineHub Transmitter, bypassing the TV’s built-in speakers to offer a dramatically-improved listening experience.

Alternatively, an optical or TOSLINK will establish a bulletproof connection with any TV that doesn’t have an ARC input.

Watch in full Immersive Surround Sound

With the CineHome, take advantage of the best of both worlds. Enclave’s system utilizes the simple connection of a common sound bar, then implements the room-filling, 360-degree sound that was previously only found in traditional home theater systems. Movies, music, sports, and gaming will come alive thanks to the CineHome’s three-dimensional sound stage.

There’s also no limit to the different codecs that the CineHome supports, From Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus to DTS: Digital Surround and Dolby Pro Logic II, the CineHome is compatible with endless types of media sources and formats. It could be a Blu-ray disc or a show streaming on Netflix - Enclave supports the audio, and has the tools to produce it.

Next- generation wireless technology for multichannel sound.

As the new standard for immersive wireless home audio, WiSA is the technology found in Enclave systems that makes it possible to produce immaculate home theater sound without the need for extra wires.

Legendary filmmaker George Lucas defines the standard for Home Theater.

Founded by George Lucas in 1983, THX® is world renowned as the definition of world class audio and video experiences. THX® Certification is reserved for only the best products that offer uncompromising quality, performance, and consistency. The Enclave CineHome Pro is proud to be the world’s first WiSA compatible THX® Certified system.