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What is Enclave CineSync?

While the TV or infrared remote handles most of the day to day basic operation of the CineHome systems, Enclave's CineSync program offers consumers an enhanced, easy to use, and convenient method to install, calibrate, and control their Enclave CineHub based systems directly on their TV screen either natively or by using an application available free on the TV or streaming appliance's onboard store.

Whether it is accessing settings presets, boosting the sub, a quick change of a listening mode, or just personalizing your sound altogether, CineSync program enabled tv's and streaming appliances remove any need for the use of a mobile device or tablet to access Enclave system settings. Full on-screen TV access to the complete suite of settings available to the Enclave CineHome II or CineHome PRO systems is one touch away via the tv or streaming appliance remote control already in the customers hands.

Supported via the Android TV, Apple tvOS, Amazon Fire, and Roku TV Ready platforms, the Enclave CineSync program is designed to enable consumers to have single cable plug and play high definition wireless 5.1 audio that seamlessly becomes part of their existing TV ecosystem.

Using any compatible Android TV or Amazon Fire platform tv or streaming appliance, consumers can choose from Bluetooth or USB connectivity to the Enclave CineHub offering complete system integration into their TV’s or streaming appliance with the push of a button.

With Apple's tvOS supported Bluetooth connectivity, consumers now can utilize their Apple TV streaming appliance to enjoy full on screen control of their Enclave CineHub based system.

As part of the Roku TV Ready program, Roku TV owners in the United States have core Enclave system features accessible via the TV’s sound settings which offers a simple and intuitive way to control their home theater audio experience with ease using no additional cables, apps, or effort required.

Compatible CineSync program TV’s are offered by Sony, Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, Phillips,  Amazon Fire TV Edition TV's, Roku TV's, and more.

CineSync program compatible streaming appliances include Apple TV, ATT TV, Google Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire Cube, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, Tivo Stream 4K, T-Mobile TVision, Verizon Stream TV, Xiaomi Mi, and many others.

Also CineSync program Android TV supported projectors and Laser TV’s include models from Epson, Optoma, Hisense, Nebula, Fengmi, Xgimi, Vava and more.

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