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How do I make my home theater wireless?

  • 2 min read

You want to free your mind when you escape to watch a show or movie that you are interested in. To free your mind, your environment must be free from clutter and distractions. 

It’s ironic how a home theater is meant to immerse the viewer watching their television. However, the distracting features from a wired home theater setup can impact the watching experience. 

The good news is that you can easily make your home theater wireless so that you have a better viewing experience. 

Here’s what you can do to make your home theater wireless. 

Wireless Home Theater Audio

Convert your existing home theater speakers to wireless. 

You can purchase powered transmitters and link them to your home theater’s audio output. You can then place the receiver that’s linked to the speakers in another area in the room. You will need to place the receiver by a power outlet. 

Buy purpose-built wireless speakers.

They only need to be connected to a power outlet, but they can receive and project wireless audio. 

Place battery-powered speakers around the room.

They will work in the same way as the ones mentioned above, however you will be able to place them anywhere in the room. 

Home Theater Over Wi-Fi

Buy a device that can stream television signals over Wi-Fi to and from a computer.

Devices that offer these options include a Slingbox or Apple TV.

Buy a television input card.

You will need to purchase a television input card that provides your computer standard audio and video input jacks.

Connect the streaming receiver to your television.

Use the included A/V cables to connect your audio setup to your television.

Connect all your other input hardware

Connect devices such as DVD players and TV cable, to your computer's A/V inputs

Play your television or video content on the computer screen and stream it to the set-top box. 

Your wireless setup should be ready to play audio through your devices. 

Consider a wireless home theater that works “Straight out of the box”. 

If you don’t want to go through the hassle or inconvenience of making the changes to your existing home theater, you can opt for the wireless home theater solution from Enclave Audio. 

With Enclave, all you need is 1 cord to connect your TV to the Enclave Cinehub. Then, plug in the speakers to a power outlet.

Once installed, you still have to program and set up the audio receiver. 

Why should you opt for a wireless home theater from Enclave Audio?

You will get a much higher sound quality due to Wireless 5.1 (WiSA) technology being used. Unlike other connections like Bluetooth, you won’t get interruptions with the audio frequency. 

Watch the video below to see how you can setup a wireless home theater from Enclave Audio. 

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