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Why Wireless Home Theater?

  • 3 min read

So you’ve bought yourself a new 4K HDR+ TV and you can’t wait to dive into the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi that’s released on Disney+. The final touch to completing your new home theater is adding a great sound system to match your shiny new screen. Sure, you could get a sound bar, but you’d only be getting 2 or 3 discrete channels from the 5.1 immersive experience you could be getting. A 5.1 speaker system with an AVR + 100 ft of speaker cables can get you a real deal but finding an installer to hide all the cables and learning all the different inputs doesn’t sound like a fun time.

What if you could get the best of both worlds? Get a sound bar like simple setup but a true 5.1 experience no sound bar can match. A wireless home theater system can give you the freedom to place speakers anywhere you can reach with an outlet so you won’t have to choose between sound bar convenience or wired surround sound. 

Here’s a few ways to get a wireless home theater:

Wireless Home Theater Audio

True Wireless 5.1 Home Theater System

A WiSA certified home theater speaker system will offer the best results in getting a real cinematic experience in your living room but without the hassle of running and hiding wires around the living room. Using the latest in multi-channel wireless technology, WiSA speakers are capable of transmitting pure high definition audio without compression or delays at twice the resolution of CD’s and less than 1/10th the delay of bluetooth.

Setup is simple, just connect a WiSA capable transmitter to your TV via HDMI or USB and you’ll seamlessly be able to connect additional WiSA speakers to your home theater. With Enclave’s CineHome systems, speakers will automatically discover and connect with the CineHub so you’ll be up and running under 10 minutes or less. 

Sound bar + Wireless Subwoofer and Rears

Bose, Sonos, Vizio are just a few familiar names that offer a sound bar + wireless subwoofer and rears solution to achieve a wireless surround sound system. But there are a few disadvantages with a sound bar + wireless approach.

  1. Sound separation / sound stage will be more compacted and compressed since majority of the audio you’ll hear will be coming from a thin row of speakers below a TV. With discrete speakers where you have a left, center, and right speaker, you’ll hear a much wider sound stage that will have you feeling that millennium falcon soaring from the left to the right corners of the room.
  2. Interference and speaker dropouts are a common experience with weaker WIFI or Bluetooth based wireless technologies compared to a dedicated wireless network that WiSA offers. We’ve all experienced walking a little too far with our phones from a bluetooth speaker and nobody wants to watch a final lightsaber clash between the Force and the Darkside with the iconic *whooshes* dropping out. 

Most wireless rears that integrate with sound bars and multi-room speakers operate in the 2.4GHz frequency which is where the majority of WiFi traffic also operates. The more signals competing to be heard, the more dropouts you’ll experience in your home theater, and if speakers are connected to your WiFi network, the slower your network will perform. WiSA avoids this by continuously scanning 24 frequencies from 2.1-5GHz and will always monitor to find the clearest signal for your sound.

There’s more multichannel 5.1 content today than there ever has been across Netflix, Disney, Prime Video and there’s no reason you should be settling for one dimensional sound from your TV and sound bar when there are wireless surround sound solutions around. We’re spending more time at home than we ever have before and sometimes we need a little escape into our favorite movies and shows. With a proper home theater setup, you’re only a few swipes away from a galaxy far, far away...