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How to Use Enclave Audio With the Roku TV Ready™ Feature

  • 4 min read

With access to over 5000+ streaming apps and a host of other features, Roku TV™ provides a great way to enjoy the best in home entertainment without having to connect an external streaming stick or box. 

However, Roku hasn't stopped there. With their Roku TV Ready™ certification program, soundbar and home theater system manufacturers have the option to integrate their products with Roku TVs™ very easily, bringing easy setup and listening options that make home theater more flexible than ever. 

Let's take a closer look at the Roku TV Ready™ system and how it works with compatible audio products such as the Enclave Audio CineHome II and CineHome Pro Wireless 5.1 Channel Home Theater Systems

What Does Roku TV™ Ready Mean?

Roku TV Ready™ means that select third-party soundbars and home theater audio systems have been certified to easily integrate with any Roku TV™. This means that setup, easy on-screen access to sound settings, and audio system volume control can be accomplished using just the Roku TV's remote and on-screen menu. 

When a certified soundbar or home theater system is connected to a Roku TV™, the Roku TV Ready™ feature identifies the device automatically and initiates the setup features needed via a series of on-screen prompts that users navigate using the Roku TV's remote control. 

Roku TV Ready™ Benefits

  • The Roku TV Ready™ program (feature) makes it easier to integrate compatible soundbars and audio systems with Roku TVs. 
  • You can experience better audio for any of the 5000+ streaming apps, and live TV offered on a Roku TV™. For example, Enclave Audio provides full 5.1 channel audio systems with wireless speakers and subwoofer. 
  • Use your Roku TV™ for a quick setup of both the TV and the audio system connected to the TV. 
  • Use the Roku remote to not only control all the TV's app and pictures settings but the volume other select sound settings of the audio system connected to the Roku TV™, right on the Roku TV™ sound settings screens.

Roku TV Ready™ Setup with an Enclave CineHome II/Pro Wireless Home Theater System

Roku TV Ready


Step 1: Be sure you have the latest Enclave CineHub firmware installed on your Enclave CineHub. In the Enclave CineHub application, go to SETTINGS and if the FIRMWARE UPDATE button is WHITE, a firmware update is available and should be performed. Click the button to start the update process.

Step 1a: Follow the basic setup procedures for your Roku TV™ before you connect the Enclave Audio system. Turn the TV off before connecting the two. 

Step 2: Look for the Roku TV Ready™ label on your audio system package or user guide.

Step 3: Locate the HDMI-ARC or HDMI-eARC port on your Roku TV.

Step 4: Locate the HDMI output on your audio system. 

Step 5: Using the provided HDMI cable, connect the HDMI output of the audio system to the Roku TV's HDMI-ARC or eARC port. 

Step 6: Turn on the Roku TV™ and Audio system. Once the connection is verified a Set-Up Screen is displayed. If you don't see the set-up screen, you may need to update your Enclave Audio system's firmware via the Enclave Audio control smartphone app. 

When the Set-Up screen shows, here is what Roku TV OS performs in the background: 

  • The HDMI-ARC menu tile on the Home screen changes to the Enclave Audio system name and icon.
  • The TV's internal speakers are turned off.
  • HDMI-ARC is turned on so that audio from the TV goes to the Enclave Audio system. 
  • TV Video/audio delay is adjusted to ensure proper lip-sync. 

Step 7: Select the Begin Setup prompt icon near the bottom of the Set-Up screen to continue with any remaining steps.

Step 8: After any remaining steps are completed, the All Done screen is displayed.

After the setup is successful, an Audio Check screen is displayed and an Audio Demo is played. The audio demo can be skipped but can be played anytime as the prompt becomes available as an entry on the Roku TV's home screen.

Using Roku TV Ready™ Features with Enclave Audio Systems

Roku TV Ready with Enclave

When playing TV shows, movies, music, or other content that contains audio, the Audio System's settings can be accessed via the options selection ( * ) icon on the Roku TV's remote control. 

Accessible audio settings for Enclave Audio systems are volume, sound listening modes, pro logic settings, dynamic range settings, and speaker trims (individual channel speaker levels). According to Enclave, forthcoming features to be added will be the reset wireless button and speaker distance calibrations.

For the Enclave Audio setting options not included in the Roku TV Ready™ setup, you can use the Enclave Audio app (Android, iOS) to access them after you have performed the Roku TV Ready setup. 

Roku TV Ready™ Troubleshooting Tips

If you have difficulty setting up and using an Enclave Audio system with Roku TV Ready™, Roku provides some troubleshooting tips:

NOTE: The tips refer to soundbars, but also apply to other Roku TV Ready™ audio systems, such as those from Enclave.

Roku TV Ready™ Enclave Home Theater Systems

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Roku TV™ and wireless home theater audio, check out Enclave Audio’s CineHub Edition wireless home theater systems and see which one might be right for you.

NOTE: The 1st Generation Enclave Audio CineHome HD system is not yet certified with Roku TV Ready. Roku, Roku TV, Roku TV Ready, and the Roku TV Ready logo are trademarks of Roku, Inc.