Enclave Audio Remote Control

The Enclave IR remote control will control both the CineHome HD and CineHub* products and has an easily accessible battery compartment. AAA batteries required.
* CineHub compatibility limited to core operating functions only (power on/off, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Input Switch). System calibration requires the use of the Enclave app available in the Google Play or Apple App store.
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    AMIN S.
    United States United States
    Remote replacement

    My new remote control works great.

    Stacey K.
    United States United States
    Enclave Audio Remote Control

    I purchased an Enclave home audio system last year and since then have been waiting for the remote to come back in stock, which it finally did. The phone app works well, but when I want to use the home audio system to listen to music from a device other than the TV and therefore need to change the input, it is a nuisance to get my phone, open the app, connect to the system… just to change the input. Also the app disconnects after a period of non-use so I have to reconnect the app to the system occasionally to change the volume. Because of this I thought a dedicated remote would be worth purchasing. Unfortunately, this remote has two big issues. First, it requires a fairly precise alignment with the receiver. When I use my TV remote or the Enclave phone app I can point in the general direction of the receiver and it works perfectly every time. (The Enclave system turns on and off in sync with my LG TV when I use the TV remote, it’s a nice feature). With the Enclave remote, I have to point directly at the center of the receiver for it to transmit the signal, which means sometimes multiple clicks of the volume or input button before the remote is lined up correctly to transmit the signal. The second issue is that when I use my TV remote or the Enclave phone app I can have the receiver hub placed behind the center channel speaker, which helps reduce clutter. If I try to use the Enclave remote with this placement, it will not work. The remote seems to require an uninterrupted line of sight and will not transmit through the center channel speaker. The remote does come in handy for occasional use when I just want to turn the system on or off without also turning on/off the TV. I just have to walk over to the entertainment center for direct line of sight between the remote and hub. I have been pleased with the sound and performance of my home audio system and recommend it to others… but the remote is a bit lacking.

    Jose Z.
    United States United States
    Not good

    Doesn’t work with system